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Witness Protection (Feminized Autoflower) 3+1 Seeds


Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Fatality x Jehova’s Witness

Effect Profile: Indica Hybrid

Seed to Harvest time: 65-75 days

Average Yield: 12-16 oz

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Witness Protection is the result of our 3rd try at bringing our Fatality and Jehova’s Witness strains together in an F1 cross. The first two attempts just didn’t quite have the punch we were looking for, so we kept trying and landed on the two phenotypes that we crossed to make Witness Protection.
The Jehova’s Witness is a strain that has a very distinct plant structure that’s tall, with nice even branching that results in most of the lateral branches ending up at around the same height. The Fatality has a wider and rounder structure to it, thats a little bit more bush shaped.
Our intention was to take the best characteristics of those two plant structures and combine them in this F1 Cross. The Jehova’s Witness is the dominant parent here, and that’s just the way we wanted it. The flowers end up being pretty reminiscent of the Jehova’s Witness, but the bud structure is a little bit fatter, and a little bit rounder.
The terpene profile reflects heavily on the more dominant strain here too, with strong fuel notes twisted beautifully together with sour candy and citrus-haze layers.
We were looking for HIGH yields when we made Witness Protection, and we think we absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one. Both the Jehova’s Witness and the Fatality are more than capable of 1-lb yields, and using a larger pot size, or something like an Autopot system is an excellent way to get there.
We’ve been able to record multiple 16+ Oz yields with Witness Protection, and we’re very excited to see everyone have similar success with it!
We’ve found it to finish right around 70 days on the nose in the vast majority of our test runs.
Interestingly, our quality testers turned in smoke reports that that indicated predominantly indica-leaning effect profiles. While the Fatality leans more toward the “indica” side, the dominant parent here is firmly in the “Sativa” effect profile category. Nonetheless, most of our reports came back with this strain being excellent for pain relief and sleep!


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