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Sour Black Cherry Haze (Fem Auto) 3+1 Seeds

Item #: WP-03-2-2

Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Blappleberry x Frosted Cherry’Os F2

Effect Profile: Indica Dominant

Seed to Harvest time: 60-70 days

Average Yield: 13-15+ oz


Our breeding team has been exceptionally excited about releasing this strain. This is our first Blappleberry cross, it’s definitely one of the coolest strains we’ve released yet. Blappleberry haze has quickly become one of our top 5 best selling strains since it’s release. It’s been bred to have an extremely rapid and vigorous veg stage, a sweet, sour, apple-berry-citrus-pine terpene profile and the potential to produce striking purple and pink phenos.

We chose a particularly fast growing phenotype of blappleberry, and decided to combine it with another of our most popular strains, Frosted Cherry’Os F2. If you’ve grown it before, or even if you’ve just seen pictures, you know this strain is all about that frost ❄️❄️❄️. It’s become well known as one of the frostiest Autoflower strains available, and it produces super thick, heavy flowers dripping in hazy, fruity, cheesy, funky terps. It makes crazy high rosin yields too, by the way 😉 (talkin’ 25+Percent).

Our project to these two strains was intended to bring some of the insane vigor and color of the Blappleberry to the table, while keeping the crazy trichome production, bud density, and complex terpene profile of the Frosted Cherry’Os.

I’ll be honest, it took us a couple tries to pair the correct phenotypes of each strain together and get the result we were looking for. But success isn’t always about hitting the nail on the head the first time. Sometimes it takes a couple swings.

This strain was 100% worth the wait. It’s got yield potential for days. In our R&D rooms, we’ve gotten nothing short of 14 oz plants in 7 gallon pots. You’re also looking at some of the loudest, funkiest, fruitiest, haziest terpenes we’ve seen yet, AND the bag appeal is out of this world. Not every phenotype will produce those purple leaves and buds, but as you might know, our team does not put a lot of focus on color as a breeding trait. It’s about yield, trichome production and terpene quality for us. The highest quality phenotypes are not always the ones that happen to be purple.

We sent samples of the Sour Black Cherry Haze out to our testers, and the unanimous consensus is that this strain should be used AFTER work 😂. It’ll put you on the couch, and you’re gonna want to stay there, so be careful with this one. Some of the other comments were that it works great for pain relief (which is a strong trait from the Frosted Cherry’Os), and over half of our testers reported some giggle attacks.

Expect a ~70 day plant from seed to harvest.


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