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Sapphyre F2 (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)

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Item #: SAPF2-3PACK

Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Magic Melon (Humboldt Seed Company) x Blueberry Sugar Pine (Top Shelf Elite)

Effect Profile: Sativa Hybrid

Seed to Harvest time: 65-70 days

Average Yield: 6-8 oz


The F2 generation is commonly known for more extensive phenotypical variation than the F2 generation. This is due to recessive traits from the original parent strains being expressed when the resulting cross is first in-bred. Sapphyre F2 does show some more variation than the F2 generation, but every single phenotype we’ve seen from this strain has been an absolute killer! We can’t wait for you to experience what this strain has to show you!

Sapphyre represents a multi-year project by our breeding team that began during our massive 25,000+ plant autoflower pheno hunt in 2019. We planted thousands of seeds from each parent strain, and made multiple generations worth of selections to secure the specific phenotypes used in this cross. The payoff is apparent in every Sapphyre plant, with extreme trichome density, a simply unmatched terpene profile.

Traits that our breeding team selected for include overtones of haze, blueberry, and what’s been described as “blue sour patch kids”, frost covered flowers with trichomes that extend well onto the fan leaves, perfect inter-nodal spacing, consistent lateral branch height, extreme vigor in the vegetative state, and flowering time under 70 days.

This is a favorite strain among our breeding team, and it has quickly become a major crowd pleaser since its release in late 2022.


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2 reviews for Sapphyre F2 (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)

  1. Dee Screet (verified owner)

    !!!!!!!!!HONEST REVIEW!!!!!!!!
    You can produce photoperiod quality flower with these seeds. This is the first seed I’ve ever wrote a review on but credit should be given where deserved and Speedrun deserves it here!!!! The description was spot on. Plant was vigorous and sturdy even after being topped. 73 day finish time. Was sour, fruity, loud smelling from 2nd week of flower(FILTER!!!). Smoke is lung filling, sour fruit with gas mixed in that puts me in smiley/daydream mode for an hour or two but still lets me get up and get things done. A+ bag appeal, buds are good shaped, loud and super dense. I can’t wait to write my next review on the Pound Dawg F5 I just started. Thanks SpeedRun 🇺🇸🤙👍💪🏼🔥

  2. Moses Brown

    Moses Brown (verified owner)

    Saffire f2 has just became my favorite autoflower so far. This is my ninth autoflower run and I ran this along with gorilla cookies and strawberry gorilla from fastbuds. All of the plants were absolutely gorgeous but the saffire f-2 is the one that is standing out. Her terp profile ruled the Tent with her sour blueberry wine smell. This has been my best grow so far and I feel blessed to be able to get these kind of genetics. I really do believe that the Saffire f-2 needs to be entered into a competition. This strain in my humble opinion is a step above the 2 cannabis cup winners that I grew right next to her. Don’t sleep on this strain.

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