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Pound Dawg F4 (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)

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Item #: PDF4-3PACK

Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Anvil F6 x Northern Hog

Effect Profile: Indica Hybrid

Seed to Harvest time: 75-80 days

Average Yield: 7-16 oz


Pound Dawg F4 is a strain that was created to be the ultimate stress resistant Autoflower varietal. Through multiple large scale hunts, we selected phenotypes that were capable of producing huge colas, even when put through multiple types of stress.

This strain has gone through trials of being transplanted and topped multiple times, and has been pushed to the most extreme limits of heat and cold, high nutrient loads and underfeeding. Throughout our breeding process, we also use transplant stability as a selection trait, by transplanting from a 4-inch pot at 20-30 days from seed. After everything thats been done to Pound Dawg, it always emerges as the Speedrun™ superhero of Autoflowers.

The lineage is a cross between a beautifully purple, high yielding phenotype of Anvil from Gnome Automatics, and very terpy pheno of Northern Hog from T.H.Seeds (that was also a great producer).

The yields have consistently topped 1 lb of trimmed flower per plant when planted outdoors in 15-gallon pots or (preferably) directly in the ground, which is how it ended up getting its name!

Terpene profiles are a sharp, spicy mix of fresh cracked black pepper, burnt tires, orange peels and what can really only be described as a cologne-like aroma.

This strain is awesome for new growers, or experienced growers that are new to Autoflowers and might be scared of stress-induced early flowering. It’s also a great strain for experienced Autoflower growers to break personal yield records and get some awesome flower at the same time!

Expect a relaxing, meditative effect profile that’s great for an evening sesh.

Pound Dawg F4 does take a little longer finish than some of our other strains, at 80-85 days.



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3 reviews for Pound Dawg F4 (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)


    MARC BREWSTER (verified owner)

    Just finishing up Pound dawg. She’s a stunner. She could have been bigger but the weather in Cleveland has been crazy as she was my first outdoor grow. Very resilient to pests as I two other genetics the same run got “BUD WORMS’ Pound dawg did not. I grew her in organics and Bokashi from Speedrun Seeds. She grew very fast and out grew the starter tent quickly. I had to cut her back as she out grew 2 other genetics in the tent and double in size. I am amazed at the flower stacking not only at the cola but side branches also. I will be growing my next 2 seeds in a much larger tent with better lights next time as I did not know this plants potential. Must say these genetics are good… Actually, I know I can count on Speedrun to deliver an amazing seed to grow with great results.

  2. Dustin

    Big plant with a very nice smell it ran 94 day and filled an entire 3 by 3 by itself I love speed run 🧬

  3. Duke

    All I can say is never discontinue this line my first run with pound dog and its is a monster I got 15 oz off it. Now I’ve run 3 and it can take any style of training it drinks so much water and needs heavy feeding but so worth it.

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