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MULTI-SOURCE SEEDS Terp Sneeze (Fem Auto)

Item #: WP-03-2-1-1-3

Seed Type: Multi-Source Seeds (Feminized Autoflower)

Strain Lineage: Sapphyre F3 x Iced Latte F2

Effect Profile: Indica Hybrid

Seed to Harvest time: 65-75 days

Average Yield: 10-14 oz

Multi-Source Seeds are different from the standard strain listings that we offer. We take pride in keeping all of our seed batches completely separate, plant by plant. Each of the strain listings on our site (unless they are designated as Multi-Source) are harvested and sold as single-source seeds. That means all of the seeds sold as that strain name were harvested from one seed bearing “mom” that was pollenated by one pollen donor “dad”.

Single-Source batches are one of the ways we maintain the high level of stability and quality that we have become known for. As we have expanded our seed production, we still maintain single source seed batches harvested from the best phenotype examples of each strain. We have also begun to mix the seeds from all remaining plants of that strain together into into larger Multi-Source batches, so that we can offer a lower cost alternative to our customers.

Multi-Source Batches still come from plants that have been rigorously pheno hunted, with extreme care taken to ensure that all seed bearing plants are excellent quality and true to strain. The only difference between Single-Source and Multi-Source Batches is that Multi-Source batches contain seeds from multiple plants. These seeds will have some degree of increased genetic variation as compared to the Single-Source version, with a wider range of phenotypes. 

Here’s the strain description for Terp Sneeze:

Let’s talk about terpenes for a minute. They’re extremely strong smelling and tasting volatile compounds that are the primary scent chemicals in most plants (fruits and flowers included!). If you’ve ever been taking that first hit off a bowl, or hitting a pen, or taking a dab and gotten a sharp pain right behind your nose when you exhale, they’re responsible for that too! That’s where this strain gets it’s name from. As I’m sure many of you have experienced, very high levels of terpenes can absolutely make you sneeze your face off.
There’s certain primary terpenes that are commonly found in cannabis, and of those there are a couple “frequent fliers” that are the dominant terpenes in the majority of strains. We’re talking about Myrcene and Caryophylline, which contribute to an earthy, woody, fruity smell that is exceedingly common to find across a wide range of genetics. That’s not good enough for us.
At Speedrun Seeds, one of our most important breeding criteria is the terpene profile. Depending on the strain we’ll look for look for something rare and unusual, or extremely pungent, overwhelmingly sweet etc. as we make our selections for plants to receive or donate pollen when breeding.
Terp Sneeze is a strain that we consider to be one of our best examples of an EXCELLENT terpene profile. It’s got a sour yet sweet, sharp, hazy, citrus, floral, candy-like smell to it that all of us became instantly addicted to. We made it our mission to cross two phenotypes that produced the very terpene profile in the F1 that’s available here.
Not only is the terpene profile completely mesmerizing, but the terpene content is out of this world. It is, out of the hundreds and hundreds of strains we’ve grown, one of the greasiest, gassiest, stickiest strains any of us has seen. You know, when you touch a sugar leaf or a bud in flower and your fingers are left kinda shiny and greasy? With this strain, it’ll look like you just strangled a giant McDonald’s french fry.
And even beyond the crazy terpene traits of Terp Sneeze, it is also a combination of two of our frostiest autoflower strains–and it absolutely shows. We’re proud to say that the trichome density on this one is nothing short of extraordinary.
If all that wasn’t a reason to start growing this strain immediately, the yield potential should definitely seal the deal. In 7 gallon pots, we’ve seen 1lb+yields on a large percentage of plants and even in smaller pots we’re seeing 10+ oz yields consistently.
And as with most of our strains it finishes right around the 70 day mark +/- about a week.
As far as the effect profile goes, you can expect a deeply relaxing experience here. We wouldn’t go so far as to say it’ll make you drowsy, but it’s definitely best saved for after work or for a lazy weekend morning. Our best comparison for how this strain feels would be– You’re 12 years old, still laying in bed, and you just got confirmation that it is indeed a snow day, and there’s absolutely no reason to worry about getting up. It’s THAT relaxing.


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Disclaimer: “The yield of any crop, including hemp, can vary depending on factors such as the variety of the plant, growing conditions, farming practices, and weather conditions.”




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