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MULTI-SOURCE SEEDS Frosted Cherry’Os F3 (Fem Auto)

Item #: WP-03-2-1-1-1-1-2

Seed Type: Multi-Source Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Vanilla Latte x 10-63

Seed to Harvest time: 65-75 days

Effect Profile: Indica Dominant

Average Yield: 8-14 oz

Multi-Source Seeds are different from the standard strain listings that we offer. We take pride in keeping all of our seed batches completely separate, plant by plant. Each of the strain listings on our site (unless they are designated as Multi-Source) are harvested and sold as single-source seeds. That means all of the seeds sold as that strain name were harvested from one seed bearing “mom” that was pollenated by one pollen donor “dad”.

Single-Source batches are one of the ways we maintain the high level of stability and quality that we have become known for. As we have expanded our seed production, we still maintain single source seed batches harvested from the best phenotype examples of each strain. We have also begun to mix the seeds from all remaining plants of that strain together into into larger Multi-Source batches, so that we can offer a lower cost alternative to our customers.

Multi-Source Batches still come from plants that have been rigorously pheno hunted, with extreme care taken to ensure that all seed bearing plants are excellent quality and true to strain. The only difference between Single-Source and Multi-Source Batches is that Multi-Source batches contain seeds from multiple plants. These seeds will have some degree of increased genetic variation as compared to the Single-Source version, with a wider range of phenotypes. 

Here’s the description for Frosted Cherry’Os F3:

Frosted Cherry’Os F3 is a strain that we’ve gotten more messages about that probably any other upcoming strain in our lineup. We’re happy to say it’s finally here!

After the release of Frosted Cherry’Os F2 almost a year ago, it quickly became one of our most popular strains–and there’s very good reason for that. Frosted Cherry’Os, like the name indicates, is an extremely frosty autoflower strain. There ar hundreds of pictures out there from home growers who got absolutely stellar results from the F2 generation, and we know we’ll see even more of that with the F3. Even beyond the dense coating of trichomes, Frosted Cherry’Os is known to produce beautiful pink and purple colors late in flower and has one of the most unique and addictive terpene profiles you’ll find anywhere in the world of autoflowers. Some phenotypes produce a sweet, candy-cherry-floral-citrus aroma that can quickly take over a room, while others produce some awesome funky, cheesy, rubbery, and what’s been described as “chinese foody” smells.

Despite there being some terpene variance among phenotypes, Frosted Cherry’Os F2 is an extremely stable F2 strain. The F2 generation is where the largest phenotypic variations commonly occur. That is to say, F2 strains are inherently less stable than virtually any other generation. We didn’t play by those rules with Frosted Cherry’Os, and instead we ended up producing a very consistent and easily identifiable plant and flower structure that people have grown to really love. Along with the stability, growers around the world have found Frosted Cherry’Os to be an extremely easy plant to grow, with high stress resistance and the ability to produce very high quality flower even in conditions that are not ideal.

With the F3 generation, we only wanted to strengthen those positive strain traits. We put the F2 generation through thorough stress testing to identify phenotypes and individual plants that were able to handle even more stress than their siblings. We only selected for the strongest, and most complex terpene profiles. And perhaps the most important change we’ve been able to make in this new generation is the yield potential. We’ve been able to select for significantly higher yielding plants this time, and it’s made a real impact on the strain’s ability to yield 10+ ounces consistently.

All in all there’s some awesome updates and changes you can expect to see with this new generation, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing some pictures of this very photogenic strain come flooding in.

Here’s the description of the previous generation, for context:

Frosted Cherry’Os was added to our strain line-up after winning our 25,000 plant, 2022 outdoor auto pheno hunt! Very soon after, it was mentioned in Leafly as one of the top Autoflower Seeds for winter 2022!

This strain is a cross between Humboldt Seed Company’s Vanilla Latte,  and an un-named strain from one of our breeding partners that simply goes by “10-63”.

Frosted Cherry O’s was originally bred for its INSANE frostiness, and the enormous lime green flowers it packs on. The most common feedback we get about Frosted Cherry’Os, once someone has the opportunity to grow some, is “Now I know why its called FROSTED Cherry’Os!”

Specific phenotypes were selected for their sweet and floral, cherry blossom nose with a punch of burnt rubber and black pepper. You can also expect some extremely funky, cheesy, savory notes with certian phenotypes.

This is an excellent high-yielding outdoor strain, and also one of the most beautiful autos you’ll ever grow indoors. As usual with our varietals, expect yield potential between 6-8 oz when grown in 3 or 5 gallon containers. The potential of this strain in larger pots (10-gallon+) is easily north of 12 oz per plant!

This one is very forgiving, making it a great choice for newer growers or growers that are new to Autoflowers. You can expect to see beautiful pink and orange color expressions in late flower, especially in cooler temperatures.

Frosted Cherry’Os was the unanimous breeder favorite in our 2022 pheno hunts, across almost 100 strains and over 20,000 plants. We encourage everyone to grow this one! We know once you try it once, it’ll turn into one of you go-to strains for a long time.


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