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**NEW LIMITED DROP** Magnum Dong (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)

Item #: MD-3PACK

Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Final Boss F1 x Jehova’s Witness

Effect Profile: Indica Leaning Hybrid

Seed to Harvest time: 75-80 days

Average Yield: 10-16 oz

Magnum Dong is the latest in our small series of Final Boss limited releases. The project that produced Magnum Dong saw us crossing one extremely special Final Boss F1 pollen donor plant with essentially every strain on our menu, which is really rare for us to do. But in this case, that specific pollen donor was exceptional in every way.
As some of you may know, at Speedrun we don’t reverse whole plants from female to male to make our feminized pollen. We’ll reverse 2-3 of the lower branches of each plant, collect the pollen from them, and then allow the rest of the plant to finish it’s life as a normal female. That accomplishes a couple of things. First, it allows us to collect pollen from all different phenotypes of a strain. Often times breeders will choose one plant to be reversed (based only on it’s vegetative traits), and then they’ll use it to pollinate a bunch of other plants. Instead we choose to reverse lower branches of every plant in a batch, and then select our pollen donors once we know how each of the phenotypes finishes.
That brings us to the second reason we collect pollen this way. Once we know how much each phenotypes yields, how many days they take, what the terpenes are like, how frosty they are, how the plant structures and flower structures turn out, etc. we’re able to make better informed decisions on what we want to breed them with.
In the case of Magnum Dong, the pollen donor was a Final Boss plant that checked all of our boxes in an extremely rare way. Once we harvest and dry our plants, we rate each one using a 1-10 scale for the various traits we’re looking for. Speed, frostiness, terpene profile, density, etc. It’s pretty rare for a plant to score even as high an 8/10 in any one category. For us, and 8/10 is almost as good as it gets.
The Pollen that was used to create Magnum Dong was the first time we’ve scored a plant 9/10 in any category, let alone 3 categories. It scored a 9/10 on yield, frostiness, and density and an 8/10 in every other category.
So we decided to use that exceptional plant to pollinate about 20 other strains, and then do some test runs on those seeds to find the best pairings. Magnum Dong finished in our top 3 out of all those crosses. It retained a number of the exceptional traits from it’s Final Boss dad, and it picked up some of our favorite traits from it’s Jehova’s Witness mom.
It is a serious yielder, with very few of our test plants coming in under 13 oz. The terpene profile is unique, and actually pretty different from both parent strains. The scent notes are sweet, spicy, earthy, vanilla, berry, haze, rubber, fuel, and even some coffee notes in late flower.
Based on our smoke reports, we’re classifying the effect profile as an indica leaning hybrid. In our experience, Magnum Dong is the perfect after-work strain. It wont put you to sleep on the couch, but it’s also not a strain that’ll make you want to head to the gym for a quick work out. We’ve found that it’s perfect for getting home, taking a toke, making some food and then sitting down to finish binging that show you never finished last week.
Magnum Dong is a breeder favorite, and we know you guys are going to love this one also.


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