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***Limited Drop*** Holy Hand Grenade (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)

Item #: HHG-3PACK

Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Iced Latte x Jehova’s Witness

Seed to Harvest time: 65-75 days

Effect Profile: Indica leaning hybrid

Average Yield: 9-14 oz

Holy Hand Grenade was available for a short time in 2023, though at that time it didn’t have a name yet (it just went by Iced Latte x Jehova’s Witness). Our intention with this cross was to combine one of our frostiest strains with one of our strongest vegging and fastest growing strains. We tried a number of combinations, but Iced Latte x Jehova’s Witness was hands down the strongest cross to emerge from those tests.
Iced Latte has become a cult favorite among Speedrun fans. It’s not our best selling strain, but those who’ve grown it know that it puts on frost like no other autoflower. It’s known for large, sandy trichomes and thick dense buds. Iced Latte has a tendency to stay a bit smaller than some of our other strains, though, which is what made it a perfect contender to be crossed with one of our most vigorous varietals.
Jehova’s Witness has been a fan favorite since its release alongside Holy Fire and God Particle. It’s a back crossed phenotype of our Granite Haze strain, that was singled out for it’s insane vegetative vigor and extremely rapid growth. It’s got a lot of the characteristics that make Granite Haze one of or top performing strains, with some distinctive and significant differences in plant structure, bud structure and terpene profile.
Bringing these two strains together meant finding the right combination of phenotypes from each of the parent strains, so that the resulting cross maintained the frost and bud density we were looking for from the Iced Latte, and the growth rate and plant structure we wanted from the Jehova’s Witness.
There were a number of attempts, with different Iced Latte phenotypes being paired with different Jehova’s witness phenotypes. A number of them did not meet our expectations for the final result, but we did end up finding a paring that was exactly what we were looking for. That’s what we have here with Holy Hand Grenade.
You can expect exceptionally vigorous growth from this strain. It may appear like it’s starting off a bit slow, but don’t let that fool you.  Just like Jehova’s Witness, Holy Hand Grenade has a tendency to start off a bit slower than some other strains, but it more than makes up for it later in the vegetative stage. They like to explode with growth starting around week 3, which is where the strain get’s it’s name (along with some holiness granted by the Jehova’s Witness).
Holy Hand Grenade has strong haze notes paired with some funky, spicy, citrusy aromas on the front end of the terpene profile. It follows that up with some serious funky, skunky, sticky, rubbery and almost baby powder like smells in the background. It’s a personal favorite of some of our breeders who enjoy strains on the funkier side of the terpene spectrum.
Holy Hand Grenade finishes in just about 70-75 days, and has some serious yield potential. When grown in good conditions, we’ve had no problem yielding upwards of 12 ounces consistently.
It definitely has a more hybrid effect profile, with some people loving Holy Hand Grenade for it’s sedating night-time, pain relieving, and anti-anxiety effects and others reporting that it’s their favorite strain for a cheeky toke in the car before they start their work day. Our staff agrees that it falls more on the relaxing, and pain relieving side though. I can personally report that it’s been excellent for lower back pain.


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