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Halloween Raffle Tickets (1 Mystery Seed = 1 Raffle Ticket)

Item #: WP-03-1

The Drawing for our Halloween Raffle will take place on October 31, 2023!

Top Prize is a pack of EVERY Speedrun Seeds strain, PLUS a Speedrun T-Shirt, hoodie, beanie, a few posters and a BUNCH of Speedrun Seeds Stickers.

There will be a total of 6 prizes given away, which include Speedrun Seeds Store Credit codes, Packs of unreleased seeds and more!

Each Mystery Seed Raffle ticket you buy enters your name into the drawing once. Each Entry is $5, and you’ll receive one Mystery Seed for each entry you make, so there’s no way to walk away empty handed!

Our Mystery seeds are all feminized autoflower seeds, and they’re the same great Speedrun Seeds genetics everyone knows and loves. So for $5 each, they’re already a 🔥 deal, so adding a chance to win a pack of EVERY strain we have makes this one of the best deals we’ve ever offered!

To enter the Raffle, all you have to do is place an order for these mystery seed raffle tickets! Your name will automatically be entered into the raffle once, for every Mystery Seed you buy. If you buy one seed, you’ll be entered once. If you buy 20 seeds, you’ll be entered 20 times, making your chances of winning the raffle that much better!


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1 Seed = 1 Ticket

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