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Granite Haze F5 (Fem Auto) 3 Seeds

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Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Bear’s Breath x (Hubba Bubba Smelloscope x No-name Haze)

Effect Profile: Sativa-Leaning Hybrid

Seed to Harvest time: 65-70 days

Average Yield: 6-16 oz


The F5 generation of this strain is one generation older, and one generation more stable! As Granite Haze has evolved, we’ve heavily focused on major vegetative vigor and plant size as traits that we select for in our breeding process. We’ve continued to isolate the traits that everyone loves about Granite Haze, and we’re doing everything to make this amazing strain stronger, more resistant to pests and disease, and to increase terpene and cannabinoid percentage.


Check out the Granite Haze F4 description below for more about this awesome strain!:

Granite Haze was developed in collaboration with our friends over at Dream Beans!  The lineage includes a very special strain called Bear’s Breath, and a haze variety that we developed by crossing a rare expression of Hubba Bubba Smelloscope (Mephisto) with an unnamed Autoflower strain developed by another friend of ours.

We selectively bred and stabilized this strain for years, getting it to F4 before it was released in October 2022. We’re extremely proud of this one for its amazingly unique terpene profile, ridiculous frost, near perfect inter-nodal spacing, and  excellent yield potential!

Expect to smell HAZE, passionfruit, orange blossom, gummy worms, gasoline, and skunk

This hybrid strain produces elevating, uplifting and creative effects. Terpene profiles are hazy, fruity and floral, with distinct overtones of bubblegum and lemon-lime.

Yield potential is extremely high on this strain! With great conditions, and in larger pot sizes, we’ve managed to hit consistent yields close to (or over) 1 lb!


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3 reviews for Granite Haze F5 (Fem Auto) 3 Seeds

  1. Ian young (verified owner)

    By far the most frosty dense nugs I’ve ever seen amazeing smell.

  2. autopotamus

    What else is to say other than this strain is phenomenal. Harvested 17 oz of HARD frosty nugs in 79 days from sprout. Not my first rodeo and smashed most of any other strains grown previously the past 4 years. HIGHLY recommended.

  3. Moses Brown

    Moses Brown (verified owner)

    Ok so my review will be more like a smoke report. I grew my gh-f5 using the d.w.c method and Maxibloom, 18/6 light cycle. temps stayed between 69 and 82 degrees, so not the best control on temps and i got roughly 4,5 oz. in 74 days. looking back i wish i would of ran her for 80 days but i was very happy with her. while trimming my neighbor came over to let me know that i was stinking up the neighborhood. i gave him a nug and he left in peace. So i rolled 3 joints and went to my brothers for a bbq. There was about 15 smokers there and we smoked those doobies and we were all baked af. it starts out like a clear buzz until about the 10th toke. Granite Haze F-5 is such a good social smoke that i will be growing it just for those moments when you want to have good times with a group. Everybody that smoked it complimented on the flavor and it only has been in the jar for a week. With a full cure this weed is going to be astonishing!!! I grew this next to the Frosted Cherry,Os and the granite haze smell dominated the tent. To be able to smell the Frosted CherryO’s i had to trim the Granite Haze first and get the jars out of the trim spot. Thats when i realized Frosted CherryO’s smells absolutely amazing and very pungent!!! The next time I buy these seeds I getting the big bag.

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