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***Limited Drop*** Granite Gas (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)

Item #: GGAS-3PACK

Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Bear’s Breath x (Hubba Bubba Smelloscope x Haze)

Effect Profile: Sativa-Leaning Hybrid

Seed to Harvest time: 65-70 days

Average Yield: 8-16 oz

Since Granite Gas was released as a freebie last year, we’ve gotten a huge number of requests to release it as a stand-alone strain. So, here it is! Granite Gas was sent out as a freebie under the name “Granite Haze F5 Fuel Pheno”, and that describes what this strain is about pretty well. But, there’s definitely some background required to explain why this is being released as a separate strain.
Since all the way back at the F2 generation of Granite Haze, there have been phenotypes of this strain that have strong haze, candy, and sugary floral notes and there have been phenotypes that have extremely Gas-station-explosion, funky, burning-tire-filled-with-dead-skunks, inside-of-a-box-of- Nike-shoes notes. We’ve been keeping those two terpene profile phenotypes separate, and breeding them only with each other for 3 generations now.
The Hazey candy dessert pheotypes are what we sell as Granite Haze, and the funky fuely phenotypes we’ve just been quietly breeding in the background. We released the latter as a freebie on small number of orders in 2023, and it’s been maybe our most requested release since only a few months after that.
So we’ve decided to give the Granite Haze F5 Fuel Pheno it’s own name, Granite Gas, and we’re giving it a special limited release for 4/20 this year.
You can expect similar performance, frost, yield, vigor, and potency that people have become used to with Granite Haze F4, F5, and F6. The main difference here is the smell, and the Fuel Pheno can tend to develop a little more color in the later weeks of flower.
If you’re a fan of everything gassy and funky, Granite Gas is a strain that you’ll definitely need to pick up.


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