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FULL AUTO Autoflower Nutrient Starter Kit

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Honest BioSciences, Speedrun Seeds, and Agrarian Advantage are all thrilled to announce that our FULL AUTO Autoflower Nutrient System is finally available.

What is FULL AUTO?

FULL AUTO stands as a testament to the fusion our science based approach to cultivation at Speedrun Seeds, and the data-driven precision from the experts at Agrarian Advantage. Our relentless pursuit of plant nutrient perfection has led us to develop this autoflower nutrition system over the course of the last 4 years. Those years represent nearly 500,000 autoflower plants grown at our state-of-the-art facility, and 30,000 leaf tissuesamples collected and analyzed for nutrient content. With the release of FULL AUTO, we’re establishing loud and clear that autoflowers have different nutritional requirements than photoperiods. We’ve designed this system to MAKE POUNDS POSSIBLE! With the right environmental conditions, and our FULL AUTO nutrient system, there’s nothing standing between you and massive autoflower yields.

FULL AUTO is designed to be not just a nutrient line, but a complete autoflower nutrition system.

This starter kit is the the most comprehensive and easiest to use autoflower nutrient system available. It comes with 8 nutrient packets that are each specially formulated, blended and weighed by us, to supply the precise combination of macro and micronutrients necessary for optimal phenotypical expression of autoflower genetics. That means huge yields with plants dripping in trichomes and terpenes. This is the system we’ve been using for years to grow 1lb+ plants that have tested at over 30% potency. We’re very excited to invite you to replicate those same results with us at home!

Our FULL AUTO Starter Kits also come with 4 feminized autoflower seeds of an EXCLUSIVE Speedrun Seeds Strain, Final Boss. Final Boss is a cross between our best selling Granite Haze F5 strain, and a rare and extremely frosty phenotype of OO Kush that we’ve stabilized over the course of 4 generations. It is described as one of the fastest growing, frostiest, terpene soaked autoflower strains available anywhere. Terpene profile has funky, gassy, almost coffee-like base notes, and overtones of floral haze, pine, and syrupy sweet candy. It finishes in 70-80 days from seed to harvest, and it will only ever be available in our FULL AUTO Starter Kits!

What makes FULL AUTO special? 

Introducing the pinnacle of precision home growing: FULL AUTO, meticulously formulated in partnership with our expert agronomy team at Agrarian Advantage, and carefully designed using the largest repository of autoflower cultivation data available anywhere. This revolutionary nutrient system has been tailored exclusively for autoflowering plants, delivering unparalleled growth, vitality, yields, terpenes, and trichome production. Whether you’re a brand new grower just venturing into the world of autoflowers or a seasoned cultivator looking to elevate your yields and flower quality, FULL AUTO is your ultimate tool for cultivation success.

🌱 **Scientifically Engineered Formulation**: Our agronomy team at Agrarian Advantage is composed of some of the best cannabis agronomists in the world, with over 100 combined years of research and field experience. We’ve worked together with them to discern the very specific needs of autoflowers over the course of almost half a million individual plants grown at our Oregon cultivation facility. Starting with the largest autoflower pheno hunt in recorded history, and continuing to this day, we’ve composed and curated what is likely the largest autoflower cultivation database in the world. We’ve used that data to develop the only nutrient system available that’s capable of delivering complete autoflower nutrition, with only two easy to use parts at each growth stage. Each of the parts in our FULL AUTO system is precisely formulated to deliver the precise amount, down to a fraction of a part per million, of each macro and micronutrient that autoflower plants require from seedling toharvest.

🔬 **Data-Driven Excellence**: We’ve combed through our extensive database of cultivation data, fine-tuning our nutrient line to meet the specific requirements of autoflower plants. We’re eliminating the guesswork, and introducing our growers to true complete plant nutrition. We’ve analyzed over 30,000 plant tissue samples, sending leaf samples to the lab on a weekly basis to identify what our plants were missing when fed with traditional photoperiod nutrient lines. Over the course of collecting that data, we’ve refined our autoflower nutrient input requirements to achieve the best phenotypic expression of our genetics, and the highest possible yield at the time of harvest.

💡 **Revolutionary 2-Part Delivery System**: FULL AUTO features an ingeniously designed, simple delivery system that’s a breeze for beginners and a joy for experienced growers. Experience hassle-free cultivation, delivered in only 2 fool-proof parts. FULL AUTO maintains the same application rate for all parts, at all growth stages from seeding to harvest. We’ve done the work for you, specially formulating and weighing out each part, and packaging them into our compostable single-use packets. Each packet is designed to make 32 oz of a concentrated liquid nutrient, maintaining the exact same 60 ml/gallon application rate for every part, from start to finish. Each of the 4 growth stages are designed to be used for  approximately 20 days, and we’ve included the perfect amount to feed 4 plants, in 5 gallon pots.

🍃 **FULL AUTO Doesn’t Hold Back**: Autoflowering plants have distinct nutritional demands. In order to achieve the highest possible yields, they need to experience extreme vegetative vigor and growth in the first ~40 days of life . Unlike photoperiod plants, the vegetative stage cannot be extended in autoflowers. It is up to the grower to provide them with the environment and the nutrition they need to grow without limits. FULL AUTO is designed to offers exactly that- an optimal blend of nutrients to provide ALL of the 12 essential plant nutrients in the perfect amounts. We’ve designed FULL AUTO to provide heightened calcium content to fortify cell walls, promoting robustness and structural integrity throughout the extremely rapid vegetative stage that is unique to autoflowers. Something else thats unique to autos, is their continued rapid growth, pushing well into the flowering stage. They require significantly more nitrogen than most cannabis nutrient lines will provide to flowering plants. That’s not a problem with FULL AUTO, it’s got the perfect amount of nitrogen to keep your plants growing strong and looking healthy until the very end.  Our formulations don’t hold back! They contain full strength nutrients for every stage, in order to attain and support the most rapid growth possible.

🌾 **Micronutrient Symphony**: There’s very few sources of trustworthy information available to learn about the specific micronutrient requirements of autoflower plants. Our data has shown that certain micronutrients are required in higher amounts to support rapid growth, and enable autoflowers to pack on potent trichomes and produce high levels of terpenes. We’ve reinforced FULL AUTO with growth stage specific ratios of micronutrients that are essential to plant vigor and resin production. We’ve found that Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Boron are rarely supplied in the correct amounts in other fertilizers, so we’ve taken extreme care to ensure that your plants will be perfectly supplied from start to finish.

📈 **It’s Fool Proof and It’s Expert-Approved**: Whether you’re a first time grower just discovering your green thumb, or a 10 year veteran seeking to perfect your craft, our autoflower Nutrient Line caters to all expertise levels. Our delivery system is designed to be as simple to use as a packet of Kool Aid. We’ve specifically formulated and weighed out each part for you, so there’s no more scales, no more scoops, and no more mistakes. It may be simple to use, but that doesn’t mean we’ve sacrificed any of FULL AUTO’s hard hitting potency. Our system is designed to keep the pedal to the metal, pushing your plants to explode with vegetative vigor and bulk up like they’re on steroids!


How does it work?


FULL AUTO is extremely simple to use, so we’ll keep this short! There’s 4 growth stages- Early Veg, Late Veg, Early Flower, Late flower. Each packet is marked for a specific growth stage, and has the perfect amount of nutrients to make 32 oz of a liquid concentrate. We’ve provided two packets per growth stage, and two empty bottles. At the start of each stage, first add about 8 oz of warm water to each bottle. Dump the A packet into your bottle marked A, fill with warm water to the 32 oz line, and shake for about 30 seconds to completely dissolve the contents of the packet. Repeat that process with the B packet, and your bottle that’s marked B.

Once both packets are completely dissolved, add 60 ml/gallon both parts (120ml total) to every gallon of water, to feed at full strength. Always add your Part A liquid to your water first, and add your Part B liquid second. Full Strength feeding is only recommended in soils or other mediums with very little amendments or fertilizers already mixed in. In fact, we recommend an inert medium, that contains no added nutrients. FULL AUTO has every thing your plants will need!

If you’re growing in a soil that has some nutrients, or if your concerned that your environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, VPD, etc.) might not be ideal for the most rapid growth, you may choose to feed your plants with FULL AUTO at a reduced rate. In that case, feed at a rate of 45 ml/gallon.


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