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FULL AUTO Refill Packets

Are you ready to start another FULL AUTO grow? 

No need to purchase the entire system again. Our Autoflower Nutrient Refill Packets offer you the convenience of refilling your nutrient arsenal. Each packet contains the essential nutrients to create 32 oz of potent liquid concentrate – the perfect amount for your plants to thrive.

🌱 Scale Up Your Success

When your garden expands beyond four plants or into larger pots, your nutrient needs change. The FULL AUTO Refill Packets offer the perfect solution, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your nutrient supply to match the size of your grow. It’s as easy as mixing up a second batch of any growth phase, to ensure your plants always have what they need.

Each packet is precisely formulated to make 32 fl. oz. of liquid concentrate. At recommended feeding rates, thats enough to make 16 gallons of feeding solution.

FULL AUTO Phase 1 (Early Veg) Refill Packets

In the crucial Early Veg stage, it is our job to lay the foundations of high yielding plants. Our Early Veg Refill Packets provide the ultimate spring board for your autoflowers. Packet 1A, with an NPK ratio of 4-13-21, delivers a comprehensive blend of macro and chelated micronutrients specifically formulated for autoflowers, ensuring vibrant and vigorous growth from the start. Packet 1B, with an NPK of 15.5-0-0 and 19% calcium content, fuels early growth with sufficient nitrogen and calcium supply to support strong and rapid growth. Together, these packets supply the essential nutrients needed to get your plants off on the right foot…or root.


FULL AUTO Phase 2 (Late Veg) Refill Packets

The absolutely crucial Late Veg stage marks the start of the Rapid Vegetative Phase – a characteristic specific to autoflowers. Our Late Veg Packets are formulated to fuel your grow through the remarkably fast growth necessary to support yields reaching over 1 lb per plant. Let’s get into the science: Packet 2A, formulated with an NPK ratio of 4-13-25, offers a calibrated blend of essential nutrients. It provides a significant quantity of potassium and phosphorus, pivotal for root zone growth and supporting early flowering characteristics. This packet serves as a concentrated source of essential micronutrients, enhancing metabolic processes, enzyme activities, and overall plant vigor.

Packet 2B has an NPK of 15.5-0-0. This packet supplies a heavy dose of nitrogen, the primary driver of the photosynthetic process and an extremely important component supporting the rapid vegetative growth your plants are experiencing in late veg . Additionally, it plays a crucial role by providing substantial calcium content, with is necessary to maintain the plant’s resistance to environmental stressors and building strong cellular and structural integrity.

Late Veg is a transformative stage that largely determines what your overall yield will be at harvest. Supplying the proper nutrient inputs is critical to ensure that you get the most out of each grow.

FULL AUTO Phase 3 (Early Flower) Refill Packets: Nurturing Blooming Excellence

The Early Flower Phase is when your plant will build the framework for densely stacked bud sites and heavy early trichome production, while still maintaining many of the rapid vegetative characteristics that autoflowers uniquely carry into their flowering stage.

Packet 3A, with an NPK of 4-14-22, is designed for maximum biomass production. Healthy vegetative growth is essential to supply the developing bud sites with carbohydrates produced in the leaves. Abundant phosphorus supports strong root growth and signals the plant to stimulate flowering, while increased potassium enhances disease resistance and water management. There’s also a micronutrient boost, with increased Iron and Manganese to drive the enzymatic reactions necessary to convert things like cannabinoid precursors (CBG) into the desirable acid forms of target cannabinoids.

Turning to Packet 3B, boasting an NPK of 11-0-0 and 16% calcium, it introduces calcium chelate to balance nitrogen levels and provide essential calcium for substantial flower development. This dual approach ensures nutrient balance and structural integrity.


FULL AUTO Phase 4 (Late Flower) Refill Packets

The conclusion of your grow -the Late Flower Phase- is where the culmination of vigorous bulking and intensified terpene and resin production takes center stage. Packets 4A and 4B, are calibrated for just that. Many nutrient lines will undersupply critical macronutrients (Especially nitrogen) in this stage, when the plants are very much still producing significant biomass.

Packet 4A’s NPK of 3-14-21, assumes a major role in ensuring maximum yield and the best possible expression of each phenotype. Meanwhile, Packet 4B, with an NPK of 7-0-0  and 14.5% calcium content, marks a strategic, calculated replacement of a significant portion of calcium nitrate with calcium chelate in Packet 4B. This fine-tuning reduces nitrogen input, while phosphorus and potassium take the lead for ideal trichome density, terpene production, flower density and structure. You may also notice a slight reduction in certain macronutrients like iron in the late flowering phase. Those heavy metals have already accumulated in the plant tissues throughout the growth cycle.

In this final phase, flushing is not necessary. Providing sufficient macronutrients through until the days prior to harvest ensures that the plants experience substantial bulking and an increase in weight. Moreover, the micronutrients play a crucial role in supporting the conversion of precursors into desirable chemicals like terpenes and cannabinoids.


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