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******Final Boss F2 (Limited Release)******

Item #: WP-03-2-1-1-1-1-1

Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Granite Haze F5 x OO Kush

Seed to Harvest time: 70-80 days

Effect Profile: Hybrid

Average Yield: 9-15 oz

Final Boss is a cross between our best selling Granite Haze F5 strain, and a rare and extremely frosty phenotype of OO Kush that we’ve stabilized over the course of 4 generations. The original F1 cross is exclusively available as part of our FULL AUTO Nutrient Starter Kits, but as a special treat we’ve decided to do a LIMITED release of the F2 generation.

In the second generation of this strain, you can expect to see more phenotypic variance, with a larger range of traits from terpene profile, to plant size, colors, seed to harvest time, but all phenotypes absolutely have a lot of traits in common.

Final Boss is one of our fastest growing, frostiest, most terpene drenched autoflower strains on our lineup. It was held back, and only released as part of our FULL AUTO Nutrient Starter Kits, but we’re hoping that releasing the F2 generation in a limited capacity will give more people an opportunity to try this awesome strain. The terpene profile has musky, funky, gassy, almost coffee-like base notes, and overtones of floral haze, pine, and syrupy sweet candy.

It can be expected to finish in 70-80 days from seed to harvest.

The effect profile is very balanced with Final Boss. It’s definitely an uplifting mood enhancer, but not necessarily a strain that’ll make you want to head to the gym for a workout. It’s great for grabbing a bowl of popcorn and binging on whatever netflix show you’re on at the moment. You might want to grab an extra bowl of that popcorn though, cause this strain absolutely causes some major munchies.


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