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Easter Egg (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)

Item #: EE-3PACK

Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: (Iced Latte x Frosted Cherry’Os)x (Froot Fuel F3 x Granite Runtz F3)

Effect Profile: Indica

Seed to Harvest time: 75-80 days

Average Yield: 10-12 oz

Sometimes when breeding plants there are accidents that can happen. Pollen grains are so small and so light that they can behave almost like a gas. Opening a container of pollen on one side of a room could end up causing plants on the other side of the room to be pollinated. We do everything in our power to limit unintentional pollination, but hey, it happens.

Sometimes it causes what Bob Ross would call a “Happy Accident”. As a matter of fact, that was almost the name of this strain. Easter Egg is the result of not one, but two happy accidents.
The first was an accidental exposure of one Iced Latte Female to some Frosted Cherry’Os pollen, and the other was a case of mistaken identity that caused a Granite Runtz plant to be pollinated by Froot Fuel F3 pollen.
When these things happen, sometimes the resulting cross gets put into our little seed library for future testing, and sometimes we’ll plant them in our next run just to see if we ended up with anything good. In this case, both of our happy accidents turned into some really solid crosses.
Because both the (Iced Latte x Frosted Cherry’Os) and (Froot Fuel x Granite Runtz) crosses were not part of our original breeding schedule, and we didn’t have any specific plans for either of them, we made the decision to bring them together to see what we’d end up with.
Easter Egg is the result of what turned out to be an excellent decision. Both Frosted Cherry’Os and Iced Latte are extremely frosty plants. Froot Fuel and Granite Runts are both extraordinarily high yielding, and can put on some awesome colors in late flower.
Easter Egg absolutely inherited a lot of the best traits of all of the strains involved with creating it. Its an extremely frosty strain (and great for pressing into rosin, we’ve found) with really great, even plant structure that allows light to penetrate deep into the plant.  It has a tendency to produce stripes of purple and pink on the leaves and flowers, and it has a uniquely fruity terpene profile.
Right up front there’s notes of apple, melon, grape, citrus, haze, cotton candy and mint. Those top notes are followed up by distinct smells of pine needles, rubber bands, cheese and sage.
This is a knock-you-on-your ass strain. Not recommended if you have ANYTHING to get done in the next couple hours, because you’re going to want to sit there and stare blankly at the wall.
It finishes in about 75-80 days.


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