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Dreamcast (Fem Auto) 3 Seeds

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Item #: DREAM-1

Dreamcast is a strain that we’ve been holding on to for a WHILE and couldn’t be happier to release it! This extremely photogenic strain (Froot Fuel Bx1 x Sapphyre F2) brings together our Back-Crossed (Bx1) Fruit Fuel with our extremely frosty, colorful and STINKY Sapphyre F2.

Expect beautiful blues, oranges, purples to show up in late flower. Every time you open your tent or grow room, you’ll be overwhelmed by the smell of Gas, skunk, ripe melons, blueberry, grape, orange peel, starbursts, and skittles. Its almost too good to describe!

This strain on average will yield you about 5-10 oz of some of the BEST product you’ve ever grow, BAR NONE!


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Disclaimer: “The yield of any crop, including hemp, can vary depending on factors such as the variety of the plant, growing conditions, farming practices, and weather conditions.”

1 review for Dreamcast (Fem Auto) 3 Seeds

  1. Moses Brown (verified owner)

    this strain is a keeper. she was a smidge smaller than my granite haze f5 and frosted cherry’os. 2 puffs and im ready to relax. i have only smoked my tester bud and i think i figured out why they call this strain Dreamcast! both times that i have smoked this strain i fell asleep. i get so relaxed with this high, its insane. i dont really feel any couch lock or body heaviness and my head is real clear but the high is so peaceful and strong that i just fall asleep. i am pretty sure that i found my bed time medicine. dreamcast will cast you into a dream state pretty quickly.

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