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Double Jump (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)

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Item #: DJ-3PACK

Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: Supreme Runtz F2 x Granite Haze F4

Effect Profile: Sativa Hybrid

Seed to Harvest time: 70-75 days

Average Yield: 8-17 oz

Double Jump is the F1 pairing of two of our oldest and most popular strains, Supreme Runtz and Granite Haze! We gave this strain a brief trial release in late 2022, and we have seen only beautiful, frosty, colorful results from our growers on social media.

Double Jump does an excellent job showcasing some of the best notes from it’s mom and dad, in a quite stable F1 cross. 
You can expect to smell the funky, cotton candy, gasoline, HAZE, pine, parsnip, and fruit notes from the Granite Haze paired with that intense lime/citrus notes from the Supreme Runtz.
Double Jump has extreme yield potential! Both Supreme Runtz and Granite Haze have yielded over 1 lb consistently when planted in larger containers, or in something like an Autopot system. Bringing these two strains together has only produced even stronger yields. We’ve also seen some 
We’ve seen a tendency for this strain put on some gorgeous purple colors that present in stark contrast to bright orange pistils, like a lighting storm at night. It’s an absolutely stunning strain and we KNOW that this one is going become a fast favorite as more people get an opportunity to try it!
Like most of our strains, we’re seeing double jump finish up in 70-80 days!


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1 review for Double Jump (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)

  1. Eric Provost

    Even though the strain has only been out for a little while I have grown it in hydroponics and in soil both times they came out amazing with both having similar candy terpenes nice dense buds phenomenal smell and as always with seed run high yield highly recommended

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