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Combo Breaker (3 Feminized Autoflower Seeds)


Seed Type: Feminized Autoflower

Strain Lineage: (Mendo Madness F3 x Granite Haze F4) Bx Granite Haze F4

Effect Profile: Sativa leaning Hybrid

Seed to Harvest time: 70 days

Average Yield: 8-12 oz

Combo Breaker is another long term project that we’ve been working for about 18 months. We started working with the Mendo Madness strain from THSeeds with our first large scale outdoor pheno hunt over 4 years ago.
We had originally marked it as a “Potential keeper”,  which we do when there are things about a strain that we like, but for one reason or another it might still need some work.
In this case, there was one phenotype that we liked, but it was only showing up in about 1 in every 10 plants. It was also a pretty short/small plant, compared to other genetics we were working with. On the plus side, it had really nice tightly stacked and frosty buds, some very good trichome coverage, and a great Haze dominant terpene profile.
Those 10% of plants that expressed the target phenotype were extremely different than the rest of their siblings in each planting we had done, so we knew we had some work cut out for us when we set out to stabilize those traits.
We ended up making some good progress by the time we reached the F3 generation with it, though we did end up having to scrap and re-do the F2 generation multiple times before we got the results we were looking for.
We ended up pairing that F3 with the haziest phenotype of our Granite Haze F4 at the time. The GHF4 brought some much needed yield potential and higher cannabinoid content to the party, which made that original Combo Breaker F1 a really well rounded strain.
We decided that instead of taking it from F1 to F2, that we would try back crossing it to the same Granite Haze F4 pollen that was used to make the original cross. Reason being that we wanted to further stabilize some of more desirable traits that came from the Granite Haze.
That’s where we are today with Combo Breaker, and we’re extremely happy with all the progress that this strain has made so far. We’re really looking forward to making the next generations (in larger quantities too!).
Terpene profile on this one is definitely HAZE forward, with notes of honey suckle, melon, blueberry, and rubber-bands.
Seed to harvest time is about 70 days. Yield potential is about 8-12oz.
As far as effect profile, this one has actually turned out to be an excellent strain for stress anxiety. It’s not exactly sedating, but it’s an excellent strain to use after a long stressful day, or even if you need to find some motivation in the car before walking into work!


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