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Formulated for success, 

built for simplicity.

What is FULL AUTO?

The FULL AUTO Nutrient System is a simple and reliable solution to autoflower nutrition!

Formulated by expert agronomists, and precisely pre-measured, FULL AUTO removes the guesswork from feeding your plants. Each packet is designed to make 32 fl. oz. of a concentrated fertilizer mix that’s made for autoflower perfection. 

How It Works

Our 2-part system combines all the efficiency of soluble salts, with the simplicity of a liquid nutrient line. You can put away your graduated cylinders, scales, spoons and scoops. Simply dump one full full packet into one of the included 32-oz measuring bottles, dissolve completely in water, and dilute at a rate of 2 oz per gallon! 


Add the full contents of one packet into the 32 oz measuring bottle.


Fill to the 32 oz line with tap water, and shake until completely dissolved.


To feed at full strength, add 2 fl. oz. of Part A, and 2 fl. oz. of Part B per final gallon of feeding solution.

Why FULL AUTO Nutrients?

NO Yellow Leaves

NO Stunted Plants

NO Guess Work

Designed For Autoflower

Most nutrient lines aren’t made with autoflowers in mind! Autoflowers and photoperiod plants have some major differences in their growth rates and patterns. Why feed your autos a nutrient program that’s formulated for photos?


FULL AUTO was originally created to get maximum yield and quality for our  commercial autoflower grows. It provides essential plant nutrients in the amounts that autos need, to support to the rapid growth they’re known for. 

Combines The Best Of All Worlds of Dry and Liquid Nutrients

Weighing and scooping dry, soluble nutrients can be an inaccurate and inconsistent way to feed plants. Lots of people have burned or damaged their grow with salt nutrients that were not dissolved or weighed properly. On the other hand, liquid nutrients are often overly concentrated, and hard to adjust with any precision. Many liquid nutrients are commonly 90+% water, making them inefficient to ship, store, and use.

Our 2-part system makes precision feeding simple! Our included measuring bottles remove the need for measuring cups and scales, and FULL AUTO is formulated to maintain the same feeding rate on all parts and every feeding, from the start of your grow to the week of harvest. 

A robust 8-part feeding program, in two fool-proof bottles!

Working with our agronomy partners at Agrarian Advantage, we have built our complete 8-part feeding system that we use for commercial autoflower success into only two parts. 

There’s one Part A packet and one Part B packet for each growth phase (Early Veg, Late Veg, Early Flower, Late flower). Simply dump, dissolve, and dilute both packets at the start of each growth phase, add 2 oz of A and 2 oz of B to every gallon of feeding solution. Thats it! 

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What's Included?

Our Autoflower Nutrient Starter Kit is more than just nutrients. It’s a complete system for autoflower success! Each Starter Kit contains: 

How is autoflower nutrition different?

Photoperiods have something that autoflowers don’t. In photoperiods, there’s a distinct switch from vegetative to flowering. Autoflowers don’t have those clear growth stage boundaries, instead they experience a gradual transition from Veg to Flower. That means that there are flowering traits that begin during the veg phase, and vegetative traits that persist into flowering. It’s for that reason, that autos require some major differences in macronutrient ratios, ensuring proper root and shoot development well into the flowering stage. 

There’s also something autoflowers have that photoperiods don’t! Autoflowers have a specific, critical growth stage that’s unique to them–we call it the Rapid Vegetative phase. Starting at about 15 days from seed, going all the way to about day 40, autoflowers NEED to grow as quickly as possible to build the framework for high yields. That extremely rapid increase in biomass requires higher macronutrient inputs than most nutrient lines provide. The rapid vegetative stage also creates a serious demand for calcium, to maintain structural stability for the plant. 

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