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Speedrun Seeds™ is owned and operated by a team of talented plant and soil scientists, breeding experts, and cultivators with almost 150 years of combined cannabis cultivation experience. Our breeding facility is composed of over an acre of outdoor cultivation space, and thousands of square feet of indoor grow rooms, which have all been fully converted for genetic research and development.

We began the current chapter of our breeding journey in early 2018, when our cultivation team began collecting autoflower genetics from around the world. Certain autoflower strains were beginning to rapidly improve in quality, and were arguably becoming viable for commercial cultivation.

Our first autoflower pheno hunt took place in 2019, with the goal of determining whether or not day neutral cannabis was ‘ready for prime time’. We planted over 25,000 autoflower seeds from breeders in North America and Europe, and found ourselves underwhelmed with the terpene profiles, trichome density, stress resistance, vigor, inter-nodal spacing, yield, and structure in the vast majority of those plants. We did, however, identify some extremely promising phenotypes that occurred as rarely as 1 in 5,000 plants. Those rare individuals were selected and brought into our indoor grow rooms to begin the lengthy process of stabilizing their desirable traits.

Every year since, we have consistently conducted the largest autoflower specific pheno hunts on record, ranging between 15,000-30,000 plants each.

Throughout this excursion into mass pheno hunting and stabilization, we have evolved into the company that we are today. We’ve made it our goal to continually produce the highest quality day neutral cannabis varietals in the world. In interest of that goal, we have innovated unique breeding practices that have allowed us to overcome common difficulties specific to breeding autoflower strains. Our proprietary breeding techniques allow us to select and breed plants that are morphologically identical to each other, which enables us to compress what would normally be many years of selection and stabilization into a much shorter timeframe.

For a number of years we refused to make our genetics available to hobby growers or seed banks until we achieved a level of quality and stability that met our high standards. We blew past that threshold in mid 2022, and have been making waves in the genetics space ever since.